Feel free to vet your therapist!

Are you interviewing eating disorders therapists? Yes, you completely have the right to vet us. 

It can feel scary to realize you or a loved one might have an actual eating disorder. However, it is also an empowering realization that can help lead you to healing and more freedom in your life!  (Cheering sounds.) The following is of importance and not a scare tactic: Getting help to heal from an eating disorder can help save a life. Eating disorders are psychological disorders that risk (and often have) medical/physical consequences and sometimes can even result in death.

There are many ways/approaches to treating eating disorders (e.g., evidence-based or not, time-limited or not; insight vs. thinking and behavior focus) and there is a span of levels of specialization amongst those who designate themselves as specialists. There is no standardized regulation or enforcement about who can and cannot say that he or she is an eating disorders specialist.

If I was seeking support and going on interviews with therapists, here are my top five questions. 

1.  Can you tell me about your training and what designates you as a specialist?

2.  How long have you been treating eating disorders?

3.  What percentage of your practice is and has been eating issues?

4.  Using everyday speech, not clinical vocabulary, how do you believe change or healing happens when someone has an eating disorder/what’s your approach?

5.  Do you use a time-limited approach?  If not or so, please tell me more.

The following thorough list of questions from the National Eating Disorders Association is a helpful resource and provides many additional questions.

List from NEDA

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