France’s New Law(s) Concerning Beauty

Times are changing! France just passed a law banning unhealthy, thin models—models now have to have medical clearance to work. Employers who break this law risk fines and possible jail as penalties. Also, advertising images that have been Photoshopped will need to be noted as such. 

Do I think this will prevent eating disorders? No. Do I think it’s a great start at shifting to more protective environments? Yes. Since France is a leader in fashion, this has the potential to actually make a dent in what is considered either fashionable or beautiful in our society. 
Beauty has been a moving target for a long time, in my opinion. Even if we twist ourselves to maybe hit the popular target or close to it, that target usually quickly moves. So, bam! Again, we are then twisting ourselves in pursuit of that moved target.

Sadly, beauty trends have often left (and leave) trails of carnage behind–failed diets and messed up metabolisms, weight obsession, eating disorders, and more. So these laws in France seem like a start to at least slowing down the moving targets. Medical approval for models allows at least for an assessment of actual health. Altered beauty images that are actually labelled as such may help consumers with a more realistic perspective of beauty. At least an alert can bring attention to what’s real versus altered for an appearance of perceived perfection.

France now joins other countries–Israel, Spain, and Italy–that have also taken action towards potentially changing the perpetuation of unhealthy beauty standards.

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