Obstacle or Opportunity?

This post was from November. I just noticed I never published it!  Whoopsie!  

OKOK, I have been on a positivity project for a while now (thus, the lack of recent blogs).  It is obviously affecting me!  See below for a blog that is very different from my usual…  (Warning:  There are specific food items mentioned in this blog.)

While watching MasterChef Junior (talented kids!), there were two interesting reminders that unplanned happenings (or even mistakes!) can become opportunities instead of obstacles.

So this young chef pulled a cucumber rather than a zucchini. Oopsie. And, of course–this threw off his master zucchini plan! However, instead of seeing it as a defeat and limitation, he opened himself to the opportunity. He made something unique out of the cucumber that not only complimented the protein, but it seemed to blow the judges away!

The second example was by an 8-year old. She won herself two ingredients—TOTAL—to make a complete signature dish/meal. (How is that for a challenge?) Instead of seeing the limitation, she saw–and cooked– a single vegetable “five-ways” with her protein. Such creativity!

The meaning of this blog: When obstacles come (as they probably will), as hard as it can be sometimes, try looking at and for the opportunities, which may be where the growth is!

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