Complaints and compliments – To the Bone

Recently, Marti Noxon told her recovery story in film, To the Bone. It has stirred quite a lot of controversy from people saying it furthers old myths, doesn’t show appropriate treatment, is outdated, … [Read more...]

Bingeing: a rare but serious risk

A while ago, my colleague and friend, Dr. Lauren Muhlheim, and I wrote a paper (Eating disorders and scope of competence for outpatient psychotherapists). While researching potential medical … [Read more...]

Eating disorder behaviors as habits: WHAT?!

Quite a few months ago, I read "Habit learning and anorexia nervosa: A cognitive neuroscience hypothesis," by Steinglass and Walsh. This research revealed that a person with anorexia nervosa might … [Read more...]

What It’s REALLY Like to Live with an Eating Disorder?

The following blog is intended to help loved ones to understand what having an eating disorder (anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, other specified and unspecified feeding and … [Read more...]

Your traits: Friends or foes? On persistence

The following continues to be the most influential combination of words in my life. This hung on a plaque in my childhood home (Thank you, Mom and Dad). I remember being so young and fascinated by … [Read more...]

Eating super healthy can be a problem—whaaaat?

Organic. Pure. Clean. Healthy.  Great words. And wanting to pursue a ____________ (insert whichever word applies in the blank--Organic. Pure. Clean. Healthy) lifestyle often is inspired by good … [Read more...]

Feel free to vet your therapist!

Are you interviewing eating disorders therapists? Yes, you completely have the right to vet us.    It can feel scary to realize you or a loved one might have an actual eating disorder. However, it … [Read more...]

Beauty—an unpredictably moving target

I recently happened upon some interesting photography books—pin-up pictures classified by decade. As I perused through the 30’s, 40’s, 50’, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, anyone watching saw my mouth drop … [Read more...]


I like that there is some more research happening about eating disorder recovery indicators. And, I'd like to say that eating disorder recovery can still be possible even if a person doesn't match … [Read more...]

“Diabulimia” – A misleading term

When diabetes and eating disorders intermix… A popular term that refers to this is “diabulimia” (likely a combination of words "diabetes" and "bulimia"), but that isn’t necessarily the the most … [Read more...]