Therapists and self-disclosure of recovery

A ongoing hot topic seems to be eating disorder therapists self-disclosing a personal history of having had an eating disorder.  

Some in the field of eating disorders support this self-disclosure to clients; it can help ofter hope. Some in the field have discouraged clinicians from self-disclosing personal recovery from an eating disorder; various reasons are offered as to why. And, some in the field have expressed that clinicians who once had eating disorder should not work with people with eating disorders–at all. (What?!? Really?!? I obviously align with the first statement about hope.)

This article was written for clinicians, but it likely has value for anyone interested in the topic. Here is a link to an article,  TELL OR NOT TO TELL: Therapists with a Personal History of an Eating Disorder, written by Carolyn Costin and me.

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