Bingeing: a rare but serious risk

A while ago, my colleague and friend, Dr. Lauren Muhlheim, and I wrote a paper (Eating disorders and scope of competence for outpatient psychotherapists). While researching potential medical consequences of different eating disorder behaviors, we came across something that is supposedly not common and there is very few articles on it: acute massive gastric dilatation.

Because it can be dangerous to experience (and because Lauren made me promise to write on the topic), I offer this brief article.

If you binge or you love someone who binges, it may greatly benefit you to know the signs of danger after bingeing. All of our bodies are unique, and so knowing if yours/someone’s might be in danger could be quite an empowering (possibly life-saving) piece of knowledge!

Here is the blog:

Rare but Real Consequences of Binge Eating; What is acute massive gastric dilatation? Guest blog, (*Board-certified physician reviewed, August 26, 2016)

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