Been a while since I blogged, for a good reason

So there are a few months without posts or with sporadic posts, and here’s why. I’ve been committed to self-acceptance movement called #ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance!® since early 2014. This year was … [Read more...]

Holly-body-positive-wood? Well, not yet. But on the way

Is there finally an article that feels hopeful to read about size and actresses in Hollywood? Yes, and it’s titled, “In a Body-Positive Moment, Why Does Hollywood Remain Out of Step?” by Brooks … [Read more...]

France’s New Law(s) Concerning Beauty

Times are changing! France just passed a law banning unhealthy, thin models—models now have to have medical clearance to work. Employers who break this law risk fines and possible jail as penalties. … [Read more...]

Therapists and self-disclosure of recovery

A ongoing hot topic seems to be eating disorder therapists self-disclosing a personal history of having had an eating disorder.     Some in the field of eating disorders support this … [Read more...]

I am enough-You are enough-We are enough. Speech 2016.

In September, 2016, I had the privilege of speaking at the Cincinnati NEDAwareness walk and bringing #ShakeIt for Self-Acceptance! to Ohio. You can watch the speech right here (and/or selected parts … [Read more...]

Bingeing: a rare but serious risk

A while ago, my colleague and friend, Dr. Lauren Muhlheim, and I wrote a paper (Eating disorders and scope of competence for outpatient psychotherapists). While researching potential medical … [Read more...]

Eating disorder behaviors as habits: WHAT?!

Quite a few months ago, I read "Habit learning and anorexia nervosa: A cognitive neuroscience hypothesis," by Steinglass and Walsh. This research revealed that a person with anorexia nervosa might … [Read more...]

What It’s REALLY Like to Live with an Eating Disorder?

The following blog is intended to help loved ones to understand what having an eating disorder (anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, other specified and unspecified feeding and … [Read more...]

Attended the International Conference on Eating Disorders 2016

Thoughts... Last week at the International Conference on Eating Disorders, two themes stood out. First, our LIVED EXPERIENCES matter along with how those can get missed in eating disorders … [Read more...]

Consumer beware: Insurance provider lists

I felt honored to write a guest blog with Lauren Muhlheim, Psy.D., CEDS, for Kantor & Kantor, Eating Disorder Legal Assistance.     If you are curious about how someone might seem a specialist … [Read more...]

Your traits: Friends or foes? On persistence

The following continues to be the most influential combination of words in my life. This hung on a plaque in my childhood home (Thank you, Mom and Dad). I remember being so young and fascinated by … [Read more...]

On progress: Body diversity

OK, this has to be a short blog today, but the topic is so important...  Here I shout: "Between Sports Illustrated and Barbie, it has been an exciting time of change!"  And of course, with all … [Read more...]

On the pursuit of muscles

Today, I find myself reflecting on a story from yesterday's workshop on males with eating disorders. There was a personal trainer, "Zyzz," who had a solid social media following. He LOOKED healthy and … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving can be tricky when struggling with an eating disorder

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. If you or a loved one has eating issues or an eating disorder, this holiday can be especially challenging!   If you or your loved one are using Family Based … [Read more...]

What’s going on with my loved one?

Medical and mental health issues can be the causes of mood and/or personality changes. And, have you considered food intake? You might be surprised at much fuel intake (AKA food) can affect a person's … [Read more...]

Fear, Food, Empathy, and Eating Disorders

The experience of food when one has an eating disorder is difficult to explain. Yet, I’m gonna try to touch on one part that many may experience. Here goes.   I recently opened the front … [Read more...]

Eating super healthy can be a problem—whaaaat?

Organic. Pure. Clean. Healthy.  Great words. And wanting to pursue a ____________ (insert whichever word applies in the blank--Organic. Pure. Clean. Healthy) lifestyle often is inspired by good … [Read more...]

Feel free to vet your therapist!

Are you interviewing eating disorders therapists? Yes, you completely have the right to vet us.    It can feel scary to realize you or a loved one might have an actual eating disorder. However, it … [Read more...]

Summer Satisfaction: Nothing to Do with “Beach Bodies”

As we shift towards summer, many people will start diets. In addition to dieting being a potential trigger for people biologically susceptible to eating disorders, the difficult part of this is that … [Read more...]

Prevention or protection?

When it comes to the idea of “eating disorder prevention,” differing (and seemingly passionate) views arise. Some I have heard or read about include opinions such as: Why spend precious and limited … [Read more...]