What Thor (the cat) Taught Me at Thanksgiving

Admittedly, Thanksgiving can be such a challenging and learning-filled day regarding food and family! This year, my Thanksgiving offered a different lesson.   Fluffy, sweet Thor sensed change in … [Read more...]

Obstacle or Opportunity?

This post was from November. I just noticed I never published it!  Whoopsie!     OKOK, I have been on a positivity project for a while now (thus, the lack of recent blogs).  It is obviously … [Read more...]

Masked Pain

Masked pain, hidden from the public, friends, and family. Sometimes it takes a celebrity's tragedy to start a discussion that has been needed for a very long time.   We sadly lost a talent and a … [Read more...]

An eating disorder’s “all about control”—FALSE!

I often hear psychology students, eating disorder sufferers, and even some treating professionals generalize that eating disorders are “all about control.” With all respect and sincerity, I object! … [Read more...]

Consumer & Consumed Images: Photoshop & Body Esteem

Bravo to members of the Eating Disorders Coalition who recently lobbied for the Truth in Advertising Act of 2014! The bill proposes that the Federal Trade Commission investigates the impact that … [Read more...]

Branding blunder: a frame named, “Anorexxxy”

“Anorexxxy,” optical frames by Thierry Lasry, recently received notice.  (If you are feeling shocked about “Anorexxxy”/anorexia being seen as a fashion label instead of as a serious illness, you are … [Read more...]

Family, Roles, Rules, Rituals & Eating Disorders

Please feel free to read my article, "Family, Roles, Rules, Rituals and Eating Disorders."  You'll need to go to page 44 once you click this link.  (I know, I know...  This isn't a normal "blog.") … [Read more...]

Beauty—an unpredictably moving target

I recently happened upon some interesting photography books—pin-up pictures classified by decade. As I perused through the 30’s, 40’s, 50’, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, anyone watching saw my mouth drop … [Read more...]

Instead of “Happy Holidays,” “Data-gathering Holidays” to you! 

At this time of the year, there are so many celebrations related to whichever holiday you might be honoring. When a person has an eating disorder or a complicated relationship with food and body, this … [Read more...]

Diet Snapshots

Interesting idea and art... Photographer, Stephanie Gonot in Los Angeles, created various photo representations of fad diets, past and present. This got me thinking--in images--about our … [Read more...]


I like that there is some more research happening about eating disorder recovery indicators. And, I'd like to say that eating disorder recovery can still be possible even if a person doesn't match … [Read more...]

“Diabulimia” – A misleading term

When diabetes and eating disorders intermix… A popular term that refers to this is “diabulimia” (likely a combination of words "diabetes" and "bulimia"), but that isn’t necessarily the the most … [Read more...]

Eating Disorders in the News – Snippets

My goodness, there has been a lot of eating disorder content in the news lately.  (Cool!)  Since my last blog post (I am new to this blog-thing), articles have addressed—and hopefully inspired … [Read more...]

Teenage Boys are Vulnerable to Eating Disorders, Too

According to the Los Angeles Times, information from a recent survey challenges the assumption that young males don't get eating disorders. In fact, it seems that teenage boys are nearly as likely as … [Read more...]