On progress: Body diversity

OK, this has to be a short blog today, but the topic is so important…  Here I shout: “Between Sports Illustrated and Barbie, it has been an exciting time of change!”  And of course, with all positives, there are usually also challenges. AND, to see body diversity in our influential images may help to normalize the “no one size fits all.”  There’s now the petite and curvy Barbies and there is a “plus size” model on the cover of Sports Illustrated!  
What I personally am thrilled to see about the Sports Illustrated change is that articles have used internal qualities to describe each model (words like spirited, humble, etc.)–thus proving again that we/they are MORE THAN BODIES.  Yes, even when one is a professional model, one cannot avoid being a WHOLE person consisting of many parts: mind, personality, body, emotions, spirit…

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