What Thor (the cat) Taught Me at Thanksgiving

Admittedly, Thanksgiving can be such a challenging and learning-filled day regarding food and family! This year, my Thanksgiving offered a different lesson.

Fluffy, sweet Thor sensed change in the air and wedged himself unreachably deep into the box springs under a mattress. I guess like a lot of humans, Thor doesn’t initially dig change, and he KNEW something different was up.
It took a long time, toys, and a few guests to coax him out.  
Finally!  He was in my arms and we began moving to a space where he’d feel safe, have food, and could relax without risk of escaping outdoors where there are cars and coyote-dangers. The door opened. A visiting large and friendly Labrador Retriever, greeted us—tail wagging. Granted, this pup is known for cuddling with cats, so we all knew Thor was safe. However, Thor didn’t “get it.” He got so scared that he punctured me in nine places. Then, each time someone tried to pull him off, he clung harder. Claws dug deeper. 
At this point, Thor helped me to understand when and why humans hurt other humans. 
I am Thor’s world; he in no way meant to hurt me. In fact, I believe that he was trying to get as close to me as possible in order to feel protected from what he clearly believed was a killer-pooch. All the while, Thor was genuinely hurting me (my screams were evidence!).
I notice this incident symbolizes something very human, too. When people feel scared, they sometimes lash out and hurt another human being. Their want may even be to get closer to that human being; however, when fear comes in, self-protection can take over. Primal. Instinct.
I am not trying to say that we should ignore it when people hurt us. I am trying to say that sometimes wounds aren’t as personal as they are self-protective for the being who is doing the puncturing of skin, heart, or soul…

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